Meaning of name Zsofia, Meaning of baby name Zsofia. Tag : Meaning Of Zsofia, meaning of first name Zsofia, biblical meaning of Zsofia,Female name Zsofia, girl Zsofia


Meaning of name Wigman, Meaning of baby name Wigman. Tag : Meaning Of Wigman, meaning of first name Wigman, biblical meaning of Wigman,Female name Wigman, girl Wigman


Meaning of name Virdia, Meaning of baby name Virdia. Tag : Meaning Of Virdia, meaning of first name Virdia, biblical meaning of Virdia,Female name Virdia, girl Virdia


Meaning of name Thirza, Meaning of baby name Thirza. Tag : Meaning Of Thirza, meaning of first name Thirza, biblical meaning of Thirza,Female name Thirza, girl Thirza


Meaning of name Sassandra, Meaning of baby name Sassandra. Tag : Meaning Of Sassandra, meaning of first name Sassandra, biblical meaning of Sassandra,Female name Sassandra, girl Sassandra


Meaning of name Robin, Meaning of baby name Robin. Tag : Meaning Of Robin, meaning of first name Robin, biblical meaning of Robin,Female name Robin, girl Robin


Meaning of name Prospera, Meaning of baby name Prospera. Tag : Meaning Of Prospera, meaning of first name Prospera, biblical meaning of Prospera,Female name Prospera, girl Prospera


Meaning of name Owena, Meaning of baby name Owena. Tag : Meaning Of Owena, meaning of first name Owena, biblical meaning of Owena,Female name Owena, girl Owena


Meaning of name Nefisa, Meaning of baby name Nefisa. Tag : Meaning Of Nefisa, meaning of first name Nefisa, biblical meaning of Nefisa,Female name Nefisa, girl Nefisa


Meaning of name Manto, Meaning of baby name Manto. Tag : Meaning Of Manto, meaning of first name Manto, biblical meaning of Manto,Female name Manto, girl Manto


Meaning of name Liliie, Meaning of baby name Liliie. Tag : Meaning Of Liliie, meaning of first name Liliie, biblical meaning of Liliie,Female name Liliie, girl Liliie


Meaning of name Kanti, Meaning of baby name Kanti. Tag : Meaning Of Kanti, meaning of first name Kanti, biblical meaning of Kanti,Female name Kanti, girl Kanti


Meaning of name Janee, Meaning of baby name Janee. Tag : Meaning Of Janee, meaning of first name Janee, biblical meaning of Janee,Female name Janee, girl Janee


Meaning of name Ingaborg, Meaning of baby name Ingaborg. Tag : Meaning Of Ingaborg, meaning of first name Ingaborg, biblical meaning of Ingaborg,Female name Ingaborg, girl Ingaborg


Meaning of name Henuita, Meaning of baby name Henuita. Tag : Meaning Of Henuita, meaning of first name Henuita, biblical meaning of Henuita,Female name Henuita, girl Henuita


Meaning of name Giorsal, Meaning of baby name Giorsal. Tag : Meaning Of Giorsal, meaning of first name Giorsal, biblical meaning of Giorsal,Female name Giorsal, girl Giorsal


Meaning of name Fran, Meaning of baby name Fran. Tag : Meaning Of Fran, meaning of first name Fran, biblical meaning of Fran,Female name Fran, girl Fran


Meaning of name Eleanor, Meaning of baby name Eleanor. Tag : Meaning Of Eleanor, meaning of first name Eleanor, biblical meaning of Eleanor,Female name Eleanor, girl Eleanor


Meaning of name Deeann, Meaning of baby name Deeann. Tag : Meaning Of Deeann, meaning of first name Deeann, biblical meaning of Deeann,Female name Deeann, girl Deeann


Meaning of name Casandra, Meaning of baby name Casandra. Tag : Meaning Of Casandra, meaning of first name Casandra, biblical meaning of Casandra,Female name Casandra, girl Casandra

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